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Supercharge your eCommerce business with Shipit pro

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Blockchain, AI and CO2

Shipit pro is a full-scale eCommerce services platform enabling sellers, logistics companies and postal operators to sell and import with a fast, transparent and seamless process powered by blockchain and AI.

AI based HS classification function guarantees that the products are correctly classified, correct VAT & Duties are shown and the correct declaration is automatically generated.

Our novel CO2 tax management solution calculates the carbon emissions of the entire logistics chain.

SHPP Token

The SHPP token is the lifeblood of our platform’s ecosystem. It is a utility token that will capture the real-world value generated by ShipIt pro.

The SHPP token will also utilize a 3% sell tax for the main purpose of adding liquidity thus increasing the liquidity floor with every sell.

Tier Model

Businesses will be incentivized to buy and hold our tokens to gain access to discounts on our service fees. The level of discounts will be based on a tier system incentivizing higher volume buys.


Every service used by a business that qualifies for our tier rewards will trigger burns in the SHPP token.

Governance Token

SHPP token holders will have voting power on core proposals and decisions in future developments of the platform..

Initial DEX liquidity:


  • Public Sale 45%

  • Project Development 20%

  • Team Tokens 18%

  • Advisor Tokens 6%

  • Marketing 6%

  • Private Sale 5%

Token Distribution

Total Supply:


Initial DEX Liquidity - IDM

Public Sale Funds Usage




DEX Liquidity





Vesting Schedule (2023-2027)


Jurgen Jarvik

CEO & Founder

Jurgen has more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and currently serves as the founder of ecommerce technology and logistics ShipItpro and Prolox

Andri Piik

IT Specialist

Andri has more than 18 years of experience in IT. He has worked as an IT Specialist for Almic, Playtech Estonia, Architech and Senior developer for Finestmedia.

Erwin Voit


Erwin has previously worked as a Key Account Manager for Itella SmartPost, as an International project Sales Manager for EStonia Post AS/Omniva, and as CEO for a Jersey Post ETOE.

Teagan Byckley

BlockChain Project Manager

Senior Mechanical Engineering student at The University of Washington. A wealth knowledge in the crypto space and project design, research and analysis.


Ian Scarffe

Blockchain Advisor

Ian Scarffe Blockchain Advisor linkedin Ian is a serial entrepreneur,investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. A leading expert in Startup, Investment,Fintech and Blockchain industries. Ian currently consults and advises for arange of multi-million dollar companies.



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